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At Caring Hands, we offer a wide range of services in Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Westchester and Rockland Counties in New York. We are licensed by the New York State Department of Health to provide home care services as well as care in a hospital or facility setting for our patients.




Case Management




Home Care Provider Long Island

Our Services Include:


Cardiopulmonary Conditions

Case Management / Social Work

Chronic Lung Disease

Colostomy Care

Congenital Abnormalities and Disorders

Cystic Fibrosis

Gastrointestinal Diseases and Disorders

Heart Disease


Metabolic Disorders

Neuromuscular Disease and Seizure Disorders

Premature Birth Complications

Tracheostomy Care Disorders


Oxygen / Ventilator Dependency

Respiratory Diseases and Disorders

Wound Care

Caring Hands provides a smooth discharge effort for all of our patients. We work closely with  Discharge Planners, Social Workers, Case Managers, Physicians, Nurses, and Caregivers as well as DME/Respiratory companies in order to make sure that all conditions are met for discharge and that the patient as well as his or her family and caregiver understands all the necessary precautions as well as procedures moving forward. We want to keep our patients healthy long into the future after they have been discharged.

At Caring Hands, we accept a wide range of insurances, including:


All Long-Term Care Plans

Blue Cross Blue Shield




Island Group Administrators

Local 1199

Long Island Home Care


Medicade managed care plan


No Fault

New York Life

NYSHIP / Empire Plan


United Health Care

If you don’t see your insurance listed we may be able to handle a single case agreements with your insurance! Give us a call to speak to one of our coordinators!

We are dedicated to providing professionally supervised and managed care to our patients, at all hours of the day and night, every day of the week. A nursing supervisor works closely with the caregiver, family, and patient, constantly assessing and evaluating conditions and protocols necessary for the highest level of care on a bi-weekly to monthly basis. Caring Hands is well respected in the industry, as a licensed home care agency on Long Island we have been responsible for our patients’ health and well-being for more than twenty years.

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